Senior Executives

  • George F. Eichleay, Jr. President and CEO
  • George F. Eichleay, P.E. Chairman
  • Russell J. Miller, P.E. Vice Chairman

Management Team

  • Samar H. Adranly, S.E. Senior Vice President
  • Anthony P. Borsoni, PMP Senior Vice President
  • John M. Sakamoto, P.E. Executive Vice President
  • James B. Vicknair, CCM Senior Vice President
  • Walter A. Brown III VP of Engineering
  • Todd M. Hancock, P.E. VP of Projects
  • Jette S. Jensen Director of Administrative Services
  • Mei L. Schwaninger Mei L. Schwaninger Controller
  • Cathy L. Madore, ASP Cathy L. Madore, ASP Director of Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality

Percentage of Eichleay’s work that comes from repeat clients