Eichleay has experience working for industrial chemical, biochemical, and agrichemical producers. We are familiar with specialty chemicals including sulfuric acid, oleum, hydrofluoric acid, ethylene glycol, biopesticides, fungicides, ammonium hydroxide, as well as photoresist developers and strippers.

Dow Chemical / Dow Agrosciences

Capital and Maintenance Project Onsite Support Staff - Pittsburg, CA

Services Provided:

Engineering, Estimating, Scheduling, Cost Control, Project Management, Construction Management, and Safety

Project Description:

Eichleay maintains a dedicated team of nearly 50 professionals within Dow’s Pittsburg Plant. This size of this group has grown steadily since the beginning of this relationship back in 2001. Functional roles that our personnel fill include discipline engineering and design, project engineering, project management, construction management, project controls, project planning, and safety. Our staff is intimately involved in the execution of nearly all projects within this facility.

Shell Chemical

Catalyst Manufacturing Plant Modernization - Martinez, CA

Services Provided:

Process Automation, Engineering, Project Management, and Construction Management

Project Description:

Eichleay developed a parallel production line for Shell Chemical to increase their ethylene oxide catalyst capacity. Production equipment (reactor vessels, dehumidifier, dryer, centrifuge, and material handling systems) was added along with emission controls, utilities, and a distributed control system.

General Chemical

Mechanical Integrity Program - Richmond, CA

Services Provided:

Engineering and Project Management

Project Description:

In addition to involvement in various capital projects, Eichleay established an onsite team to develop a mechanical integrity program for General Chemical’s sulfuric acid plant in Richmond, CA. Our team walked down and updated all P&IDs for the plant and created new ones if none existed. Plant documents, including drawings, equipment specifications and data sheets, instrument data sheets, vendor files, etc., were compiled, updated, and systematically organized. ID tagging for equipment and instruments was developed. Pressure relief systems were evaluated and updated along with the plant electrical systems. Beyond the development and implementation of an inspection program, maintenance procedures were created for equipment, instruments, and electrical systems. All of this was then incorporated into a plantwide maintenance and preventative maintenance program.

Solvay - Rhodia

Lube Spent Acid Facilities - Martinez, CA

Services Provided:

Engineering, Project Management, and Permitting

Project Description:

Eichleay successfully executed this project to treat lube spent acid with an extremely accelerated schedule of 6 months. The project included truck unloading facilities, pumping stations, agitated storage, vapor recovery, vapor scrubbing, flaring waste containment, and fire protection.