Eichleay’s flexibility and professional expertise help us tackle even the most daunting technical and logistical challenges of our clients in the Life Science and High Technology Industries. In particular, we have deep expertise in large and small scale cGMP manufacturing, cGMP filling and packaging, cGMP finished goods warehousing, pilot plants, and medical research facilities.


Building 3 Air Handler Unit (AHU) Upgrade Project - South San Francisco, CA

Services Included:

Engineering, Estimating, Scheduling, Project Management, and Construction Support

Project Description:

The Building 3 AHU Upgrade Project is a multi-year program to refurbish or replace AHU equipment identified as high priority replacements that had exceeded their useful life. Upgrades are intended to maintain the GMP envelope in a regulatory compliant state, resulting in lower ongoing maintenance costs, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing unplanned downtime. Building 3 continues to be an important commercial manufacturing facility and will transition to be the Clinical Center of Excellence.




Ancillary Facilities - Mountain Pass, CA

Services Provided:

Architectural, Engineering, Contracts Administration, Scheduling, Cost Control, Project Accounting, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Construction Management, and Safety

Project Description:

Eichleay provided architectural, engineering, and construction services for a major site wide expansion and modernization of a rare earth mining site and adjacent minerals processing plant. Ancillary facilities included:

Truck Maintenance Shop 
23,000 sf steel building with heavy duty vehicle repair bays, a high pressure wash bay, a 20 ton dual hoist bridge crane, lubrication and oil storage facilities with piped distribution systems, as well as oily water and sludge separators.

Mining Equipment Repair Shop
5,300 sf steel building with a repair and maintenance area needed to service mining equipment. The facility includes repair bays, hoist lifts, electronics repair areas, offices, and a restroom. In addition, the facility was designed specifically for equipment to be repaired, including pumps, compressors, valves, and various other mining production parts/components.

Shower & Locker Facilities
One 9,200 sf and one 4,700 sf steel building, each serving mining personnel at different areas of the project site. Each contains locker rooms, shower rooms, full-service laundry facilities, support offices, conference rooms, and employee break rooms.

Fire Water Pump House
1,500 sf pre-engineered metal building to house water pumps, piping, and pumping equipment to supply fire water for the mill and minerals production facilities.

Baxter Healthcare

New Warehouse - Thousand Oaks, CA

Services Provided:

Architectural, Engineering, Estimating, Scheduling, and Project Management

Project Description:

This project was to define preliminary user requirements, facility programming verification, alternate site evaluations, and conceptual design development for a new cGMP Warehouse in Thousand Oaks, CA. The primary objectives of this feasibility/conceptual design effort were as follows:

  • Define user requirements

  • Take into consideration existing Manufacturing Facility Master Plan impact on new warehouse

  • Identify alternative warehouse site locations within the Thousand Oaks campus

  • Quantify alternatives

  • Identify facility and building engineered systems to support warehouse operations

  • Identify risks/concerns as well as pros and cons of the various site locations

  • Develop a baseline project cost estimate with factored estimates for the various site locations

  • Develop an A/E design estimate for all the various site locations

Five sites were identified and developed in the study. The square footage of the new warehouse options ranged from approximately 50,000 to 65,000 sf.


Kentucky Distribution Center (KDC) - Louisville, KY

Services Provided:

Architectural, Engineering, Estimating, Scheduling, Project Management, Construction Support, Validation Support, Startup, and Commissioning Support

Project Description:

Eichleay was contracted by Genentech to provide a GMP Warehouse and Product Distribution Center including site selection, design, and construction/remodeling of an existing remote facility. The scope of work included construction and validation of a 29,000 sf, 2016 pallet cold room with temperature and humidity controls, the remodel/refurbishment of 80,000 sf of existing warehouse and office space, the installation of validated ambient space HVAC temperature and humidity control systems (providing redundancy for all validated systems), and the commissioning and validation of the facility to GMP and FDA requirements.

Major construction and validation of the cold room, distribution operations, and office space was completed 10 weeks ahead of schedule. The Wholesale License from the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy was received 8 weeks ahead of schedule and the first finished product was shipped 8 weeks ahead of schedule.



Campus-Wide Security Master Plan - Limited Bay Area Locations, CA

Services Provided:

Architecture, Engineering, Estimating, Scheduling, Project Management, and Construction Support

Project Description:

Chevron recognized the need to provide increased security, for both their employees and facilities. Threats considered ranged from crimes of opportunity to terrorism. The phase 1 analysis focused on the importance of assets, nature and severity of security incidents, and amount of down-time anticipated before operations could resume. The front-end design also considered the likelihood and frequency of threats, considered multiple options, and provided a weighted comparison of design solutions relative to various importance factors.

Projects included: Security Control Rooms, Perimeter / Boundary Security, High Resolution CCTV Cameras and Fiber Optic Cable Infrastructure, Site Entry Points with Revolving Access Doors, Site Entry Points with Vehicle Impact Hardening, Bi-Parting Turnstiles at High Visibility Entry Points, Utility and Infrastructure Hardening, Increased Site and Building Lighting, Package Security Enhancements at Receiving Areas, Vehicular Access Points, Guard Stations and Traffic Queues, Security Enhancements at Credit Union, and Data Center Security.