Eichleay has planned and designed a diverse array of research and development spaces for clients in the public and private sectors. Our portfolio consists of everything from a laboratory to decode the human genome to one to develop innovative treatments for rare forms of cancer. The safe and flexible work environments that we create not only accommodate the ever-changing needs of modern science, but also reduce researcher fatigue, thereby streamlining workflows and promoting the discovery process. We do this by fully understanding the requirements of the end users, properly specifying materials for both functionality and aesthetics, and thoughtfully programming critical elements such as workstations, equipment, utilities, collaboration areas, and office spaces to achieve the atmosphere desired.

Dey Labs

New Chemistry Lab and Office Area - Napa, CA

Services Included:

Architectural, Engineering, Estimating, Scheduling, and Project Management

Project Description:

Eichleay's responsibilties for this project involved the outfitting of an existing unfinished space on the second floor located in Building 4 for a small QC Chemistry Lab and Office Area. The Chemistry Lab and Office Area was intended to support QC Chemistry and Product Development personnel working on nasal spray and dry powder inhaler products. 

The approximately 1,350 sf  Chemistry Lab included new casework with chemical resistant tops; analytical support equipment such as HPLC's, GC's, and fume hoods; and plant utilities, such as domestic and purified water, clean compressed air, process drains, electrical and process vacuum, and approximately 1,600 sf of office space connected to the new Chemistry Lab. The Office Area included three offices, with provisions for one cubicle and twenty workstations.

Immunex (Amgen)

Process Development Facility (PDF) - Bothell, WA

Services Provided:

Architectural, Process, Process Automation, Engineering, Estimating, Scheduling, Project Management, Construction Support, and Startup

Project Description:

This project, with a total installed cost (TIC) of $60+ million, consisted of a 50,000 sf, 3-story, process development facility. Work involved unit operations for cell culture, large-scale fermentation, purification, and freeze drying. The primary use of the PDF was to supply conditioned media to develop new technology and manufacturing processes for mammalian cell derived products to support Immunex’s clinical and commercial manufacturing activities. The facility also included office, lab, and storage space required to support the new facility, as well as modifications to the existing, adjacent Microbial Facility to accommodate a new boiler.

The new facility required a major utilities yard expansion which included a 1,680 ton chilled water system, 400 hp high pressure steam/condensate system, compressed air/drier, and fuel-oil systems. A primary secondary pumping arrangement, using constant flow primary pumps and variable flow secondary pumps, was utilized. The system components were all automated through a Siemens BAS design.