Petroleum Refining

Eichleay’s petroleum refining experience ranges from small single-unit revamps to major plant upgrades and expansions. We specialize in the following areas of the refining process: crude distillation, hydro-processing, fluid catalytic cracking (FCC), coking, octane enhancement, hydrogen production, and sulfur removal. We also possess significant storage tank, pipeline, wharf, marine loading, and marine vapor control system expertise.


Flue Gas Scrubber Project - Benicia, CA

Services Included:

Engineering, Procurement, Contracts Administration, Estimating, Scheduling, Cost Control, Project Accounting, Quality Assurance, Materials Management, Document Management, Project / Program Management, Construction Management, Startup, and Commissioning Support

Project Description:

Eichleay completed this $750 million grassroots environmental compliance project to enable the client to comply with an EPA consent decree. The primary objectives of the overall effort were to reduce particulate, NOx, and SOx emissions. Major elements of scope included two Foster Wheeler high pressure CO furnaces (the largest of the kind in the world) to heat crude more efficiently and produce steam without consuming fuel, two KTI SCR units, a Rentech waste heat boiler, and state of the art environmental technology consisting of a Belco pre-scrubber unit and a Cansolv absorber tower. The project also contained extensive earthwork, soil nail and tieback anchor retaining walls, electrical infrastructure upgrades, as well as utility upgrades and distribution. During the course of its 3 year duration, construction manpower peaked at over 1,500 personnel.

Key Features:

  • Fast-track construction to meet an EPA deadline
  • Footprint of the units necessitated creating a new plot of land by cutting a new plateau from what was previously a hillside
  • Shutdown planning for tie-in to refinery
  • Fully integrated 3D modeling of entire facility
  • Installation of new furnaces in restricted access space with clearances of less than a foot between existing furnaces and pipe racks
  • Sequenced installation of structural steel and large diameter ductwork
  • Modularization of pipe rack offsite to reduce onsite manpower needs
  • Maximized use of offsite fabrication of piping and warehousing
  • Management of offsite lay-down yards due to lack of space in refinery
  • Complex crane management due to lack of available space and multiple work fronts
  • Emphasis on logistics planning for delivery of large equipment to worksite

BP, Phillips 66, Plains All American, Tesoro

Marine Oil Terminal Engineering and Maintenance Standards (MOTEMS) Audits - Multiple Sites throughout California

Services Provided:

Engineering, Estimating, Scheduling, Project Management, and Construction Support

Project Description:

Eichleay has performed MOTEMS audits for the BP and Phillips 66 Richmond Terminals, the Plains All American Richmond and Martinez Terminals, and the Tesoro Avon, Amorco, and Long Beach Terminals  to comply with California State Lands Commission (CSLC) requirements. This work involved interfacing with the CSLC, developing cost estimates to bring the wharfs into compliance and performing design engineering for specific tasks including structural, seismic, fire prevention, detection and suppression, piping, mechanical, and electrical upgrades.


Various Projects - Martinez, CA

Services Provided:

Engineering, Procurement, Estimating, Scheduling, Project Management, and Construction Support

Project Description:

Over the last 2 decades, Eichleay has completed several hundred projects for Marathon (Tesoro and predecessor companies) at their Golden Eagle Refinery. Representative examples include:


Provided engineering and project cost estimates for an energy review and assessment related to AB-32, California’s Global Warming Solutions Act. The scope of work included development of total installed cost (TIC) estimates and constructability reviews, as well as preparation of energy savings and utility consumption data to allow for computation of greenhouse gas reductions and benefits.

Crude Receiving Upgrade Projects

Provided complete project design services including preliminary engineering, basic/detailed design, as well as project cost estimates. Responsibilities also included the procurement of all engineered equipment plus pipe/valves/fittings for this fast-track project. Construction support roles included RFI’s/DCN’s, construction coordination, project record books, and as-built drawings.

Loading Rack Upgrade Project

Provided project design services through three stages of project development, including project cost estimates, project risk analyses, and coordination with other refineries.

Tract 1 Heavy Oil Tankage Project

Provided project design services through two stages of project development including cost estimates. This project included close coordination of vendor and contractor requirements for two 131BBL tanks, and service changes on five other tanks with heater and pumping systems.


Various Projects - Benicia, CA

Services Provided:

Engineering, Procurement, Estimating, Scheduling, Project Management, and Construction Support

Project Description:

Since the mid 1990’s, Eichleay has completed well over a thousand distinct projects / task orders for Valero (and predecessor companies) at their Benicia Refinery. Representative examples include:

ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel) Project

Provided complete OSBL engineering packages for all interconnecting piping, electrical, controls, and support facilities for this grass roots project.

SGU (Scrubber Gas Unit) Tail Gas Scrubber Project

Provided the complete process and design package for a project to expand the scrubbing capacity of a Sulfur Gas Unit.

Alky Debottlenecking Project

Provided project management and the OSBL design package to expand existing unit capacity.

NRU (Naptha Reforming Unit) Bimetallic Catalyst Project

Provided the complete design package for a fast-track project to revamp the catalyst regeneration facilities for Naphtha Reactors.

Marathon (Tesoro)

Major Capital Projects - Salt Lake City, UT

Services Provided:

Contracts Administration, Scheduling, Cost Control, Quality Assurance, Materials Management, Document Management, and Field Engineering

Project Description:

A portfolio of major projects at Tesoro’s Salt Lake City Refinery. With a total installed cost (TIC) well in excess of $500 million, this program not only upgraded and modernized the refinery, but also enable it to process local yellow and black waxy crudes. Within days of receiving the initial request, Eichleay furnished a team of functional leads and support personnel to Marathon (Tesoro) for integration into their existing onsite construction management organization. In addition to mobilizing a group that was accustomed to working together, Eichleay also deployed proven software, systems, and work processes that enabled productivity and efficiency gains to be realized almost immediately.