Power & Renewable Energy

With offices throughout the Western US, Eichleay is uniquely positioned at the epicenter of some of the most cutting edge developments taking place in area of power and renewable energy. Our considerable experience and familiarity with the clean and dirty ends of the process plant spectrum enable us to provide our clients with a knowledge base and skill sets that few others can. Whether you are looking to develop a solar, geothermal, biofuel, ethanol, or hydrogen facility, Eichleay possesses the requisite resources and expertise to make for a successful project.

MELE Associates / Aina Koa Pono

New Biofuel Plant, Oahu, HI

Services Provided:

Engineering, Estimating, and Project Management

Project Description:

Eichleay prepared a front-end study for an integrated 500 dry ton per day biorefinery in order to reduce Hawaii’s dependence on imported fuel sources. This feasibility effort entailed determining how to convert a locally grown biomass feedstock, sweet sorgum, into ethanol (using a fermentation, distillation, dehydration, and evaporation process) and/or syngas (using a licensed gasification technology). The ethanol would then be sold to the local refineries for gasoline blending and the syngas could either be used to fire a gas turbine for electricity or placed through a Fischer-Tropsch cycle to convert it to liquid fuel.


Yokayo Biofuels

Biodiesel Plant - Ukiah, CA

Services Provided:

Architectural, Engineering, Estimating, Scheduling, Project Management, and Construction Support

Project Description:

Eichleay was awarded this code compliance and expansion project comprising 18,600 sf of enclosed and open process areas, QC labs, mixing and reactor rooms, offices, meeting rooms, utility areas, and vehicle loading and unloading areas. Features of the design included an open-side pre-engineered metal process canopy, coated concrete containment areas, grated steel floors, explosion relief venting panels, and blast resistant doors.

Confidential Client

Biowaste to Energy Plant - Livingston, CA

Services Provided:

Architectural, Engineering, Project Management, and Construction Management

Project Description:

Eichleay is underway with mechanical engineering for a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant, Solids Handling Facility, and Waste Heat Recovery System. Architectural design services consist of a pre-manufactured CHP Building, solids handling canopy, and laboratory building. These new units will utilize winery wastewater and pomace as the feedstock. That feedstock will go through anaerobic digestion and aerobic processes to produce biogas and digestate. Conditioned biogas will be used to drive CHP units that will produce 2 megawatts of electricity with waste heat recovery utilized for process needs. The solids dewatering and drying of digestate will be reused as fertilizer.