The procurement specialists at Eichleay work with our own project managers and multi-discipline design team and/or other third parties to provide the following services:

  • Pre-qualification and Selection of Bidders
  • Specification of Equipment and Materials
  • Preparation of Bid Packages
  • Facilitation of Bid Meetings
  • Clarification and Response to Vendor Questions
  • Bid Evaluation
  • Issuance of Purchase Orders (by Eichleay or by Client)
  • Expediting and Tracking
  • Coordination of Inspections
  • Verification of Material and Equipment Receipt
  • Approval of Vendor Invoices
  • Cost Reporting

We typically work in-house with our integrated engineering and procurement resources to improve overall project coordination. This single point of responsibility promotes seamless communication, timely responses to vendor RFI's, and predictable submittal turnaround cycles. When such an approach is not an option, we coordinate our procurement activities closely with the other firm(s) that the client has selected. Our dedicated and experienced team helps clients focus more attention on daily operational requirements and facility needs, alleviating the workloads of their frequently overburdened internal procurement departments. 

Our proactive approach includes gathering input from all project participants, and maintaining constant client, contractor, and vendor interaction. Combined with our established procedures and specialized tracking software, this enables us to rapidly create solutions, completing projects in the best way possible.