• George F. Eichleay, Jr. President and CEO
  • George F. Eichleay, P.E. Chairman

Senior Management Team

  • Kraig I. Abbey Kraig I. Abbey Director - Mountain Region
  • Samar H. Adranly, S.E. Senior Vice President
  • Kristen R. Airhart Kristen R. Airhart Director of Talent Management
  • Anthony P. Borsoni, PMP Senior Vice President
  • David R. Jacobsen David R. Jacobsen Director of Technology Services
  • Jette S. Jensen Director of Administrative Services
  • Cathy L. Madore, ASP Cathy L. Madore, ASP Director of Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality
  • Kara J. Millhollin Kara J. Millhollin Director – Pacific Northwest Region
  • Walter G. Nilsen Walter G. Nilsen Director - Southern CA Region
  • John M. Sakamoto, P.E. Executive Vice President
  • Mei L. Schwaninger Mei L. Schwaninger Controller
  • James B. Vicknair, CCM Senior Vice President

Total installed cost of the largest project that Eichleay has ever managed


Percentage of Eichleay that is still family owned and controlled


Number of years that Eichleay has been in the Project Delivery business