• George F. Eichleay, Jr. President and CEO
  • George F. Eichleay, P.E. Chairman

Senior Management Team

  • Kraig I. Abbey Kraig I. Abbey Director - Mountain Region
  • Samar H. Adranly, S.E. Senior Vice President
  • Kristen R. Airhart Kristen R. Airhart Director of Talent Management
  • Anthony P. Borsoni, PMP Senior Vice President
  • David R. Jacobsen David R. Jacobsen Director of Technology Services
  • Jette S. Jensen Director of Administrative Services
  • Cathy L. Madore, ASP Cathy L. Madore, ASP Director of Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality
  • Kara J. Millhollin Kara J. Millhollin Director – Pacific Northwest Region
  • Walter G. Nilsen Walter G. Nilsen Director - Southern CA Region
  • John M. Sakamoto, P.E. Executive Vice President
  • Mei L. Schwaninger Mei L. Schwaninger Controller
  • James B. Vicknair, CCM Senior Vice President

OSHA Recordable & Lost Work Day cases logged by Eichleay companies since 2014


Eichleay offices that serve clients throughout the Western US


Different largest clients in 5 different market sectors since 2006