Mining and Metals

EM&M, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Eichleay, Inc., provides everything from small plant upgrades to full plant expansions for the mining and metals industry. We are familiar with surface mining facilities and the associated infrastructure required to extract and process base metals (like copper, lead, nickel, and zinc), precious metals (like gold, platinum, and silver), industrial minerals (like borates, phosphates, potash, and soda ash), construction materials (like cement, gravel, and sand), rare earth minerals, among others. Eichleay also has a long and distinguished legacy working in the ferrous and non-ferrous metals industry.


Project Phoenix - Mountain Pass, CA

Services Provided:

Architectural, Engineering (for select areas only), Procurement, Contracts Adminstration, Scheduling, Cost Control, Project Accounting, Quality Assurance, Materials Management, Document Management, Project / Program Management, Construction Management, Safety, Startup, Commissioning Support, and Permitting Support

Project Description:

This $1.5 billion megaproject included a major expansion and modernization of Molycorp’s flagship mine to make it the most technologically advanced, energy efficient, and environmentally superior rare earth production facility in the world. With a peak construction workforce of 1,700 and an ultra fast-track schedule, it is the largest and most complex project ever undertaken by Eichleay. Key components of this multi-year upgrade included crushing, milling, cracking, tailings facility and storage, separations, chlor alkali plant, water and waste water treatment, ancillary facilities, 50 MW combined heat and power plants, as well as significant power distribution, distributed utilities, and control systems infrastructure.

Project Statistics:

  • 6 million manhours worked without a lost-time accident

  • 15 process units on over 86 acres

  • Coordination across 9 engineering service providers

  • Administration of 33 construction contractors

  • Over 40 service and consulting contracts written

  • Over 2,000 pieces of owner procured equipment

  • Close to 11 million cy of earthwork handled

  • 70,000 cy of concrete placed

  • Over 10,000 tons of steel erected

  • Over 6,000 ft of pipe rack installed

  • 2,000 ft of conveyor systems installed

  • Total of 20 field fabricated tanks, clarifiers, and thickeners

  • 500,000 lf of piping installed

  • 84,000 lf of electrical cable tray

  • 3.4 million lf of cable/wire pulled

  • 3,500 owner procured instruments

  • Over 8,000 instruments installed, including vendor and contractor supplied

Confidential Client

New Boric Acid Plant - Trona, CA

Services Provided:

Engineering, Estimating, Scheduling, Project Management, and Construction Support

Project Description:

Eichleay engineered a new boric acid re-crystallization facility to replace a 50 year old existing one that had reached the end of its useful life. With a total installed cost (TIC) of approximately $35 million, the new unit has high grade materials of construction upgrades resulting from the client’s past experience. Unique and notable aspects of this facility include titanium heat exchangers and main circulation pumps, 316 stainless steel lined pans (crystallizers), 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel tanks, and 2205 Duplex pumps.

Confidential Client

Rockport Works - Rockport, IN

Services Provided:

Engineering, Procurement, Contracts Administration, Scheduling, Cost Control, Quality Assurance, Document Management, Project / Program Management, Construction Management, Safety, Startup, and Commissioning Support

Project Description:

With a total installed cost (TIC) of $1.1 billion and peak construction manpower surpassing 3,000, Eichleay completed this greenfield carbon and stainless steel finishing facility, encompassing more than 1,750,000 sf of buildings, in just over 3 years. It utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, including Automated Guidance Vehicles (AGV) and automated cranes to move the steel through the various finishing operations.

Key Features:

  • Carbon and stainless continuous pickling line

  • Stainless continuous annealing and pickling line

  • Carbon and stainless continuous cold mill

  • Continuous hot dip galvanizing and galvannealing line

  • Hydrogen annealing and temper rolling facilities

Inco (Vale)

Smelter Feasibility Study and Consulting Work - Multiple Locations in Canada

Services Provided:

Engineering, Estimating, and Scheduling

Project Description:

Thompson Smelter (Thompson, Manitoba)

Eichleay performed a gas cleaning system feasibility study to analyze performance of the Thompson Smelter with imported concentrates under new Provincial regulations. This included analyzing roaster, electric furnace, and converter operation with new concentrates, performing minor element balance, and evaluating hot precipitator efficiency. An analysis was also performed comparing contemporary and future operation against future Provincial regulations and required modifications. This effort included development of a cost estimate and schedule for program modifications.

Copper Cliff Smelter (Sudbury, Ontario)

Eichleay provided consulting services for a  Matte Processing Area upgrade, including revised roaster operation, installation of a new wet gas cleaning system, and modification of an existing 2,900 mtpd sulfuric acid plant. Specific services included P&ID, PFD, and mass balance reviews, HAZOP participation, vendor bid negotiations and reviews, and operability reviews.